Healing Quilts in Medicine

Art Quilts Making a Difference in the Lives of Patients and their Families

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These resources and inspiration can help you with your own project.

If you have done a project for a hospital, please tell us about it! We want to include it.


  • Scientific Information for Plants and Animals Used in Chemotherapies
  • Complete List of Plants and Animals

Our Associations:

  • Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends
  • Society for Arts in Health Care
  • Gifts of Art at University of Michigan

Quilt Alliance, Quilters’ Save Our Stories Healing Quilts in Medicine project:

  • Judy Busby Interview
  • Cyndi Souder Interview
  • Sandi Goldman Interview
  • Donna DeSoto Interview
  • Carole Nicholas Interview
  • Annabel Ebersole Interview
  • Norma Coleman Interview
  • Elizabeth Byrom Interview