Diabetes Quilts

Healing Quilts in Medicine

Art Quilts Making a Difference in the Lives of Patients and their Families

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These pieces were made for the University of Michigan
Brehm Center for Type I Diabetes Research and Analysis

Be a Checker by Judy Busby

Scent of a Rose by Judy Busby

Connecting the Dots by Lisa Ellis

The Beta Cell by Lisa Ellis

Cheap Sunglasses by Cyndi Souder

Broccoli by Paula Golden

Belle by Annabel Ebersole

Building Blocks by Carole Nicholas

Eat Right by Sandi Goldman

Asian Morning by Lisa Ellis

Puzzle Blocks by Sandi Goldman

Play Hard by Barb Hollinger

Make a Wish by Judy Busby

Hot Care Balloons by Bunnie Jordan

Research by Judy Busby